In the end you become what you are through the causes to which you attach yourself…. Our cause is freedom and self-reliance.

aboutpicWhy is this place called “Pete’s Place”? Because our old dog Pete embodies all things that bring about freedom and self-reliance.

He was a homeless dog who found a purpose.   He didn’t ask for a handout, he simply became an important contributor to our family.

In the beginning, he made his contribution by putting up lost cows, introducing us to our neighbors, and most importantly, keeping momma company while his papa protected and served our great country. Later, he took on more and more responsibility. Holding his momma’s hand while she endured the ravages of chemo and laughing with her as his papa shaved her head. At the same time he played psychologist for papa and learned he could ease the old man’s mind with a long walk in the woods. More than anything, Pete taught us how to make good use of whatever the good Lord decides to put your path. That is the spirit of this company.

That spirit can be found the people that helped us on this journey. One such person is Mr. Rob Jones our ingenious contractor who taught us what it means to sacrifice and truly care about what your work represents. Another such person is Pete’s Grandpa McNeill, who spent untold hours helping us fix everything from plumbing to compressors to concrete floors. Our debt to these two men can never really be repaid and we are forever grateful for their efforts. We are also grateful for the assistance and trust received from Pete’s Grandpa Perry. We will do our best to keep that trust. Lastly, this little project of self-reliance could have never began without the help of our good friend and realtor Jeff Smith and his faithful assistant Lexi Belle.